Special Accessories

Table-tops and storage shelves, available in a range of forms, ensure the safe storage of your machines and clear organisation of your embossing tools. They also include space for additional accessories, such as hand or rivet presses or hole punches.

Tables for Hot Stamping machines and storage shelves

Painted steel base, white veneered wooden plate in the following versions:


L x W x  H    1600 x 600 x 850 mm  –  with 2 shelves
L x W x H     1200 x 600 x 850 mm  –  with 2 shelves


L x W x H       500 x 500 x 930 mm  –  with 5 shelves


Product Information - Hand Press

This is a manual embossing machine which, for example, can be used with the appropriate insert to apply the DIN stamp to the plates.
The print form is round.

L x W x H: 320 x 120 x 350 mm

Weight: 5.2 kg


Product Information - Hole Punch

This is a manual device, which can be used for the perforation of plates.
The hole punch is mounted on a wooden base and has a 6 mm diameter insert for punching the plates. Further diameters of the hole inserts are available on request.

L x W x H: 390 x 100 x 215 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg



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