High Security License Plates

Motor vehicle license plates are extremely important documents. They are essentially the identity card of a vehicle and it is important to ensure the authenticity of these plates, and to protect them against counterfeiting and theft.

In this regards, we offer a range of high tech and innovative security features to safeguard the authenticity of the vehicle license plates. This comes in the form of a high security license plates (SLP). Indeed, the SLP is the most cost effective solution adopted by authorities in many countries to secure their license plates so as to enable them to fight crime, improve the effectiveness of road transport policies and enhance road safety.


Chromium Holograms

Holograms can be sealed at any location on the reflective foil of the vehicle license plate. Once the hologram has been applied, it cannot be removed without damage. You can freely choose the form and content of the hologram.


Integrated laser mark

This safety feature is made by using laser technology which applies certain symbols (depending upon customer request) into the foil. These symbols are only visible if looking at the plate at a 30° degree angle. The symbol cannot be removed nor tampered.


Embedded graphic

The graphic used on the license plate is often the state symbol of the country like flag or coat of arms. An individually designed graphic is integrated under the transparent top coating of the reflective foil and cannot be tampered. 


Laser-, serial number

Vehicle license plate can have a unique serial number which is integrated into the reflective foil by using laser technology. The serial number cannot be removed without damaging the surface. The plate’s serial number shall be entered in the vehicle registration documents.



The RFID chip is integrated in the license plate. The tag can include particular information about the vehicle and the owner.



Vehicle license plates may also be labelled with a barcode. The barcode can include variable information which can be read using a special reading device. The barcode may be printed or laser-marked.


Third license plate

A third license plate or security label offers increased security against vehicle registration fraud. The sticker is applied to the inside of the windscreen and contains the same information as a normal license plate. If the license plate is stolen, the label on the windscreen remains in the vehicle. If anyone attempts to remove the label, all the information on it will be destroyed. The label may feature various security elements.


Safety screws

Vehicle license plates are often stolen because they are not fixed firmly enough to the vehicle. EHA offers a secured solution for fixing number plates onto the vehicles.


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