Vehicle Sticker

The SecuRasta® sticker offer all legally required security features as well as further security features for counterfeiting  and transmission. For vehicles subject to approval, the stickers are used as proof of admission to road traffic by a road authority. All SecuRasta® products are tested and approved by independent testing institute.

i-car stamp stickers

The SecuRasta® i-car-stamp stickers are valid since 01.01.2015. With these stickers, vehicles can be electronically decommissioned in an internet-based process.

Plaques for main examination

The SecuRasta® HU or test stickers are used for the verification of the main inspection by TÜV, DEKRA, etc. In the context of such an investigation, the vehicle's roadworthiness is checked. When the test has been carried out, the HU sticker will be fixed to the rear number plate.

The stickers are available in different packaging units with and without serial numbering.

Short term / export sticker

The SecuRasta® short-term / export stickers are used for short-term applications (5 days) or for export or transfer purposes. These are available in different packaging units.


Emission- / E Sticker

The SecuRasta® emission sticker are available since 01.03.2007 for the identification of low-emission vehicles. The emission stickers are available in different packaging units.

The SecuRasta® E stickers are used for electric vehicles which are approved outside Germany.


Sticker / Sign for Security check

The SecuRasta® SP signs or SP sticker are used for safety testing (SP). This is a visual, impact and functional test for commercial vehicles. The safety check is carried out depending on the vehicle class when the main inspection is due.



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